Considerations for House Extension in Ireland

House Extension

Planning approval, building rules, and a well-thought-out project plan are a few things to keep in mind if you want to extend your home in Ireland. Irish homeowners can get some useful information regarding important factors for home extensions from Galway-based construction company Jason Murphy Construction in this document. 

It is imperative to consider the need for planning permission to carry out a house extension in Ireland. But aside from that, it’s equally essential to think about the extension’s goal and function. 

Whether you are looking to add more living space, adapt the space for an elderly or disabled family member, or simply refurbish your property, prioritise a well-planned extension to help your space reach its full potential on a reasonable budget and in good time. 

Key Takeaways for Planning a House Extension in Ireland

A plan for a house extension is typically related to budgeting for the majority of people. However, in practice, it largely concerns future usability and functionality. Here are some of the main conclusions to simplify things: 

    • Consult a Professional Consultant:

    Irish medians frequently view consulting as an unnecessary cost, but they have no idea that it could be their ticket to preventing such an expense. When you can look into contemporary trends, amenities, and even housing schemes and perks, and acquire helpful local contacts to aid your research, a strategic project plan and building design can go a long way. 

    • Budget Optimism:

    Don’t constrain your research with your budget. Be optimistic about the estimates and goals when researching, it doesn’t cost any money to look at the possibilities. So don’t be afraid to see possibilities beyond your comfort zone. 

    • Energy Efficiency:

    By including energy-efficient features in your extension, you can not only reduce the carbon footprint of your home but also cut down on long-term energy expenses. With smart choices like double-glazed windows, insulated flooring, and energy-efficient heating mechanisms, you can make your home more sustainable.

    Don’t limit your research to your immediate needs. Make your home welcoming and secure for people of all ages. Make ease of accessibility, not aesthetics, the focal point. 

    Planning Permission for House Extensions in Ireland 

    Even though you may not need permits for modest home improvements like breaking down a wall to open up space, outdoor landscaping, roof repairs, or minor changes to the garage, you should not act according to a preconceived notion about what you can accomplish without planning permission.

    To obtain planning permission for house extensions in the Ireland, homeowners need to send out their applications to the local authority and wait for approval before starting any groundwork. You will typically need planning permission for the following situations:

    • Any existing and new additions exceeding 40 square metres 
    • Any sort of material change of use, such as renting out or opening a bakery, or playschool, converting the garage into an office or workshop etc.
    • To upgrade your property into a modular home
    • Installation of solar panels or wind turbines 

    The application for a building plan attracts a fee, which varies based on the type of building plan. Currently, the cost of adding extensions to an existing home or converting a garage starts at €34. This cost structure is subject to change. If unsure, it is always a wise choice to consult independent experts before applying.  

    Making Home Modifications for an Elderly or Disabled Person in Ireland

    The local government recommends that homeowners who need to make home modifications to accommodate elderly or physically disabled family members consult occupational therapists (OTs). The OT will evaluate the daily needs of the disabled person and determine what home modifications are required. They will also let you know if you need to install any specialised equipment. In Ireland, there are several grants, home improvement programmes, and loans available to lessen the financial burden of adapting a home, particularly in an emergency, like for families where a loved one has been injured in an accident. Some of the grants include the Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability, the Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme, and the home improvement loans offered by the local authority. Before beginning any extension work, check your eligibility for any such programmes.  

    How Construction Design Experts Can Help

    Construction operations nowadays depend heavily on architectural designers and architectural technicians, sometimes known as construction designers. 

    Together with architects, engineers, and other experts, they are in charge of drafting precise design plans and drawings for construction projects. 

    The most beneficial service these specialists can offer is unbiased guidance to develop efficiencies that translate into cost savings while upholding our commitment to superior quality. They can also assist you in your research of financial grants and aid opportunities. This way, you can benefit from more flexibility and a shared vision that transforms ideas into reality while overcoming conventional financial constraints.